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Lunch Menu

Posted at: MONday - 27/01/2014 22:54 - post name: Xiuxueni
Luch Menu
Monday- Friday 11:30am - 3:00pm
Served with steamed rice &miso soup or house salad
L1. Chicken Teriyaki
( White Meat )
L2. Salmon Teriyaki  8.50
L3. Beef Teriyaki 8.50
L4. Shrimp Teriyaki 8.95
L5. Chicken Teriyaki & Shrimp Temura 9.95
L6. Beef Teriyaki & Shrimp Tempura 10.95
L7. Salmon Teriyaki & Shrimp Tempura 10.95
L8. Sushi & Sashimi 12.95
L9. Beef & Asparagus Saute 9.50
(Rice Bowl) Served with miso soup or house salad.
L10. Katsu Dond 7.50
Chicken cutlet with egg over rice.  
L11. Oyako Don 6.95
Chicken w/egg, onion & vegetable over rice  
L12. Ten Don 7.50
Shrimp tempura over rice  
L13. Yakiniku Don 8.50
Sliced beef, mushrooms, onions with special sauce over rice.  
L14. Unaju 10.95
Broiled eelover rice with eel sauce  
Udon / Fried Rice
Noodle Soup.
L15. Beef Udon 7.95
L16. Chicken Udon  7.95
L17. Shrimp Tempura Udon 7.95
F1. Chicken Fried Rice 6.50
F2. Beef Fried Rice 7.50
F3. Shrimp Fried Rice 8.50
Sushi Combinations
Served with miso soup or house salad.
A. Tuna, Yellow Tail, Salmon, White Fish, Shrimp, Eel, and 3 pieces of California Roll 11.95
B. Tuna Roll, Spicy Yuna Roll and  9.95
2 pieces of California Roll (no substitutions)  
C. Spider Roll, Shrimp Hand Roll and  10.95
California Hand Roll (no subtitutions)  
D. Houston Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll and 12.95
Spicy Salmon Roll (no substitutions)  
E. Chirashi  17.95

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